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CLOSED Late 2020

A note to our customers
This business is close to the public due to Ann's retirement.
We wish our clients and their pets all the best for the future. 
For a copy of your pet's history, please email admin@petvet.net.au.
Alternatively leave a message on 0417 677 827  
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Animal Wellness Exams

Wellness Exams

Wellness exams form a key part of the examination during annual vaccinations, but can be scheduled at any time. One pet year is equal to about 6 human years, so regular checkups are worthwhile. The examination includes checking the skin, eyes, ears, lymph nodes, limbs for soundness, teeth and mouth, heart and lungs. 

Spey & Castrate - neutering

Spey & Castrate - neutering

Most dogs and cats make better pets when they are desexed. Talk to us if you have any questions. We operate every day, and your pet goes home the same afternoon. All pets receive pain medication (analgesia) which lasts for 24 hours. 

Your pet needs to fast for at least 6 hours prior to admitting for surgery, but can have water. 

Gunnedah Animal Emergency Care

Care after hours

Hospitalised patients are monitored according to needs after hours. Level of care will be discussed with owners when your pet needs to stay overnight.  

Pet Vaccinations


Parvovirus is prevalent in Gunnedah so vaccinating your dog every year is of the utmost importance. The vaccination also protects against Distemper and Hepatitis (C3), with optional canine cough cover (C5).

Cats also need annual vaccinations - feline enteritis and feline flu. We recommend vaccinating against feline AIDS and leukemia for outside cats. 

Animal Surgey Gunnedah


We have  a well equipped surgery and Veterinarian Ann Luke enjoys operating  - from the routine desexes to more complicated cases such as bladder stones and gastrointestinal foreign bodies.  

Our vet nursing staff are qualified and all patients are monitored with state of the art patient monitoring systems - leaving little room for anaesthetic complications. 

Cat and dog microchipping


Microchipping all pets is the law in NSW. Microchips are tiny - about the size of a grain of rice. We mostly microchip pups at 6 weeks of age with their first vaccination. 

Pet Dental Care

Dental Care

Does your pet have smelly breath? Call in for a free assessment. Your pet may need a dental. 

Animal Radiology and Ultrasound Gunnedah

Radiology and Ultrasound

Digital radiology means a quick turnaround and excellent quality x rays. Pregnancy diagnosis from 25-28 days using ultrasound.

Anaesthetic monitoring

Anaesthetic monitoring

We have a multi system anaesthetic monitoring machine which allows for the ultimate in care for your pet when anaesthetised. 


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What Pet Owners Say

"Very Kind"

"Smiles and warm welcomes"

"Thank you so much for seeing me on Sunday Ann, both Frank and I really appreciate your kindness especially me as the upset owner."

"I always receive Prompt and efficient service. Smiles and warm welcomes."

"Great service"

"We have always had Ann treat any pet that we have had or I have now. Thanks for your great service, have been a client for many years!"

Lynda Wright

Cheryl Sharman

Jenny Urquhart